How long the car registration renewal process takes?

The whole process won’t take more than three hours. However, if you live in one emirate but your vehicle is registered in another emirate then the registration renewal process can take upto six hours. 

You live in Dubai, but your car is registered in Abu Dhabi Or Vice Versa?

Many customers ask us this question as they live ln one emirate, but their cars are registered in another emirate. Yes, we renew vehicle registration across different emirates. If you live in Dubai but your car is registered in Abu Dhabi or vice versa, you don’t need to worry about anything. We do all and we do things professionally.


What’s the process if my car fails the renewal test?

Our service fee is nonrefundable but valid for one month. If your car fails for minor issues such as tires, lights or minor oil leaks our call center agent will contact you and with your consent we will try to retest the car after fixing the required issues. However, if your car required extended maintenance/repair work then we will return your car back to you. You can book an appointment again with us and we will do the whole process free of cost.  You will only pay the RTA fees


Will you arrange insurance for me?

Yes, we will arrange insurance for you at best possible rates.  Insurance prices varies as they depend on many factors such as driver’s age, vehicle’s make and model as well as the age of the driving license, but we ensure that we provide cheapest possible quote to our customers.

What are the payment methods you accept?

You will be charged once our agent delivers the car back to you. We accept cash as well as all major debit and credit cards.






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